mom says stop playing usta?

i play a national level player and in 16s division. i got into an argument with my mom. she’s really supersticious. first she said i get too hot tempered. i said no then she said gods not going to let me win cause i disrespect my parents. then she said she’s gonna put a spell so i will never heal my injury(i have tennis elbow and have been losing a lot lately) then she said just giveup tennis and if your lucky, someone will just pick me up and let me become a pro or college player. this is really getting to my head, how should i ignore this? i always have problems ignoring people, always pick up their bad habbits
she says lick is the main thing to tennis
i have none
i mean luck instead lick

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  1. Nick B, 09 November, 2009

    Don’t listen to your mother! What she is saying sounds rude, crazy, and obnoxious. Your passion for tennis is great, and you should keep on playing the sport no matter what it takes. You should politely say to your mom something along the lines of: "I think your being a little paranoid about my tennis and I would appreciate it if you would respect my tennis a little bit more, stop threatening me, and let me follow what I want to do.

  2. Charcoal Pet, 09 November, 2009

    Sorry, but your mom sounds like she’s some religious nut. If you’re nationally ranked, then you could play tennis in college. Just focus on working on your game.

  3. Michael N, 09 November, 2009

    Your mother sounds like she’s a little crazy. I’m not sure what you meant by your statement that "she says lick is the main thing to tennis", but that sounds almost sexually abusive to me. Maybe you should tell the authorities on her. Any parent who wishes an injury on their child is not fit to be a parent. Shame on her.

  4. blah…blah…blah…, 09 November, 2009

    maybe she’s having PMS lol jk

    umm, try saying sorry for yelling and make it up to her, she’s obviously mad at u

    Maybe u dont give them enuf attention or something,

  5. hannah, 09 November, 2009

    i think you know the answer to this question.
    if you dont play high school &/or USTA your aren’t going to get noticed for college or becoming a pro.

    do NOT stop.

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