Protein diets and tendonitis?

Have there been any studies regarding protien diets and tendonitis? Could a high protein diet play a role in getting tendonitis or is it more likely just an increase in exercise/weightlifting? I recently increased my protein ratio in my diet and am dealing with tendonitis in my right elbow and left wrist. I didn’t know if there had been any work done on protein consumption and tendons. I’m sure it’s most likely just an increase in working out and muscles growing in strenght faster than tendons (but then again, isn’t getting stronger muscles why many increase protein consumption?)

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  1. charlie_inthe_box, 13 November, 2009

    I have not read anything to that effect. I would just take it easy on your elbows and wrists. Do the excersizes that don’t hurt, untill the pain goes away and when the pain does go away. Take it easy for awhile. I have been dealing with tennis elbow which is basically tendonitis in the outer part of your elbow. I got this from doing inverted arm curls(palm down). I have not done inverted arm curls for almost 4 months now. I have found other excersizes to take its place so I can keep my circuit full of excersizes. I can’t work the same muscles but thats the breaks I Guess.
    The pain is going away now though. I am sorry to say the only thing that seems to really help tendonitis is rest. I don’t believe the protein is hurting, if anything I would think it would help. Use a heating pad on your arm when you are resting and watching tv. Blood does not circulate well at the tendons and ligaments that is why these injuries take so long to heal. Light excersizes may help but you really need to do things where you can not feel any strain or pain… if you do… Don’t do that excersize. it sucks I know. For pain I don’t use ibuprofin unless it really hurts. It’s hard on your liver.
    If you do lots of pushups and find it hurts your wrists, try pushup bars. I can not do normal pushups because of the strain on my wrist when bending my hand back flat. The pushup bars really help with this. I used to do my pushups with a closed fist.
    Good luck and I hope your pain goes away soon for you.

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