Should I be worried about vein infiltration from donating plasma? How can I help the severe pain & swelling?

I have a knot the size of a tennis ball just above the crook in my elbow & my whole arm feels like it’s been put through a meat grinder. I can’t use that arm at all. Has anyone had this happen? How long does it take to heal?

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  1. Darwinall, 13 November, 2009

    Sounds serious. Is your hand cold or swollen, discolored? If so, I’d have to say go to the ER. That would mean a serious circulation problem at your site and below. Those can’t wait.

  2. Echo, 01 August, 2014

    Vein infiltration is common when giving plasma…usually an exhausted or rushed phlebotomist causes it. Most people working at plasma donation centers are gaining experience to move on to a hospital, so their experience isn’t stellar. It can cause clotting and seizures.

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