why does my elbow hurt when i play tennis, or play ball ( catch)?

usually when i throw a baseball and play catch this starts, and it right at the joint in my elbow.. does this have any relations to ""tennis elbow"" – and wat is tennis elbow

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  1. momma2more, 14 November, 2009

    It does sound like "tennis elbow". It is actually an irritation of the tendons around the elbow. They could be strained,sprained or just pulled. You really do need to see a doctor as this can cause long term problems or permanent damage if not taken care of.

  2. mlgable, 14 November, 2009

    Sounds like tennis elbow to me which is basically elbow tendonitis. See your doc for a diagnosis and treatement.

  3. unkindred, 14 November, 2009

    Tennis elbow is actually just an inflammation of the tendons in your arm. It doesn’t have to be in your elbow at all (currently mine is all up my arm). Go to your doctor as he/she is the only one who can really diagnose it. The recovery is VERY slow so don’t wait! Some that will help though:

    Take this cocktail of vitamins and in like 6 weeks you should notice and improvement (i know it seems like a long time, but that’s just the nature of the beast).

    – MSM (1000 mg tablets)
    – glucosamine sulfate (500mg) & chondroitin sulfate (400mg) – should be moxied in the same pill
    – Flax (1000 mg)
    – Devils claw

    Take the cocktail around the same time once a day. Good luck!

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