Something is popping out of my elbow when I bend it, is this fixable?

It started doing this when I was 13, the summer I started playing tennis.

I’m 17 now =P No one would ever take me to the doctor for it.

It hurts from time to time, but its not extremely painful or unbearable.

Now I really don’t feel it popping out like it used to, but I can still move whatever was popping out there on the side slightly.

Is this treatable? Or is the fact that its not popping out as often or as bad as it used to mean it’s healing itself?

I wore an arm brace for quite awhile, but it squished my arm more then helped my elbow =P
Its hard to tell with my jacket on, but I took it off and it is still popping out of the joint, whatever this thing is X_X Nothing looks out of place or odd on my elbow, but something is popping out on the side.
Oh yeah, this is my right elbow by the way.
If I doesn’t keep me from missing school like my evil sinus infections my mom doesn’t get off her butt to do much =P And we have no money, she has less money then I do and I have hardly any money D=

I don’t know why my grandma wouldn’t take me, she called a chiropractor but they wouldn’t even see me, he told me to wear the stupid elbow brace =P

Its not hindering my life at all in any way, its just annoying that it gets a little sore very easily.

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  1. mindy s, 17 November, 2009

    sorry a dislocation is painful not "i really dont feel it".
    if its medial elbow i would say you ulnar nerve is popping out it groove.
    no worries.
    if no numbness, tingling, more than occasional that corrects with repositioning i would not worry.
    there are reconstructive surgeries to correct but i would try a tennis elbow strap while performing activites that aggravate for me weight lifting with elbow flexion causes my problem.
    no worries.

  2. donna_honeycutt47, 17 November, 2009

    As a Parent I have to ask you this.. Why did you Mother or Dad not take you to the Doctor for something this serious? It very much sounds like a Joint is dislocated and probably needs to be reset. If this has been going on the last 4 years, chances are its not gonna get any better, if anything worse. Go see an OrthoPedic Doctor, as soon as possible..

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