Elbow still hurts from wrestling after about 3 weeks.?

My stupid friend did the same arm grab to the same arm over and over and over and over and now my elbow/forearm feel pain when I use it to list weights or punch the punching bag. Why has this pain not gone away yet? Do I need to wait longer or do I have tendonitis or something? I am not going to go to the doctor to spend 0 so I can be told I injured my elbow so please don’t suggest the doctor.

To describe the pain it is not muscle pain, it feels like the bone, or some tendons or something deep in the bottom of my elbow and up the bottom of my forearm a little. When I do pushing exercises like bench press, it doesnt hurt while I do the exercise, but once I set down the weights my whole elbow forearm area on my right arm starts to hurt in a throbbing type of pain…

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  1. Lα¢ι ιѕ ѕσ Cσσliкє (кιѕѕвιт¢н), 18 November, 2009

    you probably pushed it in

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