I had carpal tunnel and tendentious now my system’s are getting worse. I am very worried.?

My symptoms are 3/16/2007

I have shooting pain down both forearms down my Ulnar nerve.
I have stabbing /cramping pains down both of my fore arms.
The pain was execration, but now has defused and dissipated.
However it is still very painful.
Also I have pain in my elbows both on the interior and exterior side.
The tennis elbow is more intense when I pick up, twist, or turn an object.
Oddly I have intense pain down my arms when I sneeze or I have a shiver.
I have pain in my medial carpals in my wrist.
The pain migrates from four to five places in my wrists.
I have painful sensation changes in the 4th and 5th fingers.
I wake up many nights with pain in my hands and in a claw formation.
I have tingling burning sensations, weakness in my hands and arms.
I have trouble with my grip, pinching, grasp, twisting, of my hands
and arms. I am losing mobility in my arms that makes me drop objects more often. I am experiencing partial paralysis and loss of movement in my hands and wrists. I am experiencing a numbness and tingling on the top surface of my thumbs. I still have extreme pain at the base of both thumbs. Which is a sign of atrophy of the muscular bulge in an advanced or chronic stage, I am been told. I am experiencing that I cannot move my hands and arms with the same speed as just a few months ago and is continually getting worse. Also the pain is increasing with less exertion. I am experiencing pain from a nerve that rolls over my shoulders then to the underside of my arm between my biceps and triceps. Then runs down the length of my arm about two inches apart.
I am also catching myself from dizzy spills or vertigo. I thought it was from my pain medication so I didn’t put it together. Since its been over a year without pain medication and I still have dizzy spills. Is this a symptom too?

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  1. fly7591, 19 November, 2009

    Have you considered having the surgery? I mean, how could it be worse? It sounds like you can hardly do anything now but feel the pain. I recently had ulnar nerve transposition surgery done and although still recovering, I am totally glad I had it done. The majority of the pain is gone and what is there I believe is normal recovery issues. Although the muscle wasting will always be present, already some strenght is returning to my hand. Taking vitimin B12 is supposed to help with the health of nerves. Please talk with your doctor. There are things that can help.

  2. Sandi, 19 November, 2009

    i am no doctor and know very little about nerve damage etc. but common sense is kicking in and I say you need to do some research and find a new doctor. Why are you living with all of this. Why haven’t you had surgery?? How are you able to work or are you? I feel for you, This is awful. Please find a doctor who will help you. There has to be something that can be done to correct this.

  3. MissWong, 19 November, 2009

    Many people find the surgery does nothing or at least much less than they had hoped. You may have a shoulder nerve being pinched that cont4ributes to the issue. You need to get evaluated to pinpoint the problem. Wearing wrist braces helps a LOT! They’re pretty cheap and easy to wear and wearing them to bed can make a huge difference. The reason it’s getting worse is they get no respite from the swelling which is why the braces help. Ibuprofen will help with the swelling which should help the pain some.


    Get it checked out thoroughly so you know you’re dealing with the right thing but try the braces right away. They have them at most grugstores or sports places.

  4. Lynda B, 19 November, 2009

    Sounds like you’re reading from a manual about carpal tunnel and tendonitis…

    See a dr.

  5. Gwen, 17 November, 2011

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