I’m 23 year old. One month ago I started having joint pain without swelling (knee, wrist, elbow, ankle) after waking up in the morning. It’s so hard for me to wake up and I feel like I’ve never slept at all. Then my body is weak and tired for the whole day. I’ve checked my blood (Calcicum, ASLO, RF, TSH, T4, VSS, GGT), urine and taken X-ray of all my joints. The results are all good. I’ve tried to rest and exercise regularly but I still could not recover. All the doctors I have visited told me that my symptoms are caused by stress. Is it true ? I don’t think my life is too stressful to make me sick like that. Pls help me. I feel so bad because I could not start my work due to my weakness.

I give you my historical heaIth. I’ve had rheumatis fever when I was 13 year old. I’ve taken penicillin one table per day until now. 3 years ago I’ve cut my tonsil because it caused me sore throat all the time. After this operation, my sore throat is not too serious but I still have everyday.

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