my mom and being supersticious?

ive had tennis elbow forever. i argue with my mom alto and she says I’m not healing because she has some special power that the more shes pissed at me the longer it will take me to heal. she also says she will not allow me to make my dream of going really far in tennis if arguments and disrespect keeps up even though I’m a top national junior. she says I’m not gonna make it because i don’t have luck. this is getting to my head, please help?

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  1. Sue C, 19 November, 2009

    First of all, NO ONE has any "special power"! So if she thinks she does then good for her. The ONLY "power" I know of is God, & I KNOW she’s not God…! So for the record, let her rave on about all her special "powers" because we all w/1/2 brain know she’s wrong. Secondly, "luck" isn’t going to make you a good/best tennis player, YOU ARE! If you play well, then you’re the one w/the power to make it happen. I think she needs to see a professional in the mental health area of medicine. You’re fine. When she gets in these mental states, I would just advise you to politely walk away, hum a tune, & just shut her out period. Sounds like she’s going thru menopause & could use some horemone treatments. Just try your best to stay out of her way if you can, when you can & you’ll be better off. All the best to you…:)

  2. Dayna, 19 November, 2009

    she’s being stupid! maybe even jelous of you ? or scared to lose you one day ? weirddddddd lady! tell her to grow up and be matture and let you go for what you want! If it happens it does if not you had fun along the way and you will never be a sore loser cause you tried! a person who never tries automatically LOSES!
    Tell her to back off and just be happy for you! tell her that being so negative will add wrinkles to her face…and the more negative you think she is the more wrinkels she will have HEHE

  3. Promise, 19 November, 2009

    she might be having hard a time thinking that she will loose u to the sport… talk to her..

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