why does my elbow hurt whenever i throw something?

i play baseball on my varsity high school team and wooden bat league in fall. i am a junior in high school.for some reason ever since 7 or 8 grade year ive been having soreness in my elbow. in little league i was a great pitcher. i pitched on are all-star team and everything. but since then i have stopped pitching due to the fact that my elbow gets sore after idk one inning or so. but even in p.e. when we use balls as throwing objects my elbow starts to feel really sore and i have to sit out. kinda feels like after you get done pitching when it feels heavy and hurts to lift it. i usually try to tough it out but i dont want to mess it up more than it is. i have broken it once and also sprained it too. but that was like freshmen year and it was sore before that even happend. i talked to the team medical trainer and he said to work on my mechanix and strengthing it but i just cant see what im doing wrong when i throw. sometimes in warmups before games it starts to get sore just from playing catch. so now im basically stuck at first base, which is my favorite position though. i am left handed too. and ive always played infield. i have trouble with throwing the ball very far. but i just dont know what is causing my elbow to hurt so easily and so much. any suggestions?

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  1. medcenman, 23 November, 2009

    It is called tennis elbow. you need to relax it for about 6 weeks.

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