why does my elbow still hurt?

my elbow has hurt for about two months. there is no nruise, and i dont remember hitting it aginst anything. the pain is starting to creep up the inside of my forearm. is there anythng that i can do to get rid of this pain, or do i have a stress fracture
i am only 14

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9 thoughts on “why does my elbow still hurt?

  1. smiley.george says:

    you need to have it x-rayed.

  2. you might have something called tennis elbow…go see a doctor!

  3. there is def. one thing you can do..go see a doctor!

  4. crissyll22 says:

    i would have it checked out you could have fluid buildup in the joint.

  5. Sounds like "tennis elbow" a strained tendon, especially if it hurts when you lift a fairly heavy pan or tea kettle. I used to get this from lunging horses, if they pull suddenly, as younger ones will, you don’t notice it right away, cause there is no instant pain. But if you have engaged in some sport putting allot of tension on that wrist, forearm it radiates to the elbow and even the shoulder! Rest is the only remedy.

  6. i have the same exact problem. it is a kind of tendinitis.
    maybe too much computer,mouse stress.
    i was given Naproxen. it helped with the pain, BUT it raised my blood pressure, gave me heartburn and made me constipated.
    so i stopped with the drug. I’d rather deal with the pain in my arm than deal with the side affects.
    keep off the computer for a few days.
    No charge for the consultation
    Good luck

  7. thetravelinggardener says:

    go to the dr. get it checked, get ready for a cortisone injecton into the joint.

  8. x_southernbelle says:

    You don’t say how old you are. Could you be old enough that this is a bit of arthritis?

    If you don’t remember hitting it why do you ask if this may be a stress fracture?

    Believe me, if you had a fracture you WOULD KNOW IT!!! I’ve had both my Femurs broken just above the knee and the upper head of my Radius broken OFF. They had to take it out altogether!!!

    I suggest you take an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Tylenol to see if that helps. If it doesn’t then you need to be seen by a doctor and possibly get X-Rayed or have an MRI done or even an EMG to check for possible nerve damage.

    I hope this helps point you in a possible direction to try to get to the bottom of your problem.


  9. Have your parents take you to the doctor. That’s the only way you will be able to fins out what’s going on.

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