After serving in tennis, my arm is starting to ache. Any ideas what the problem is and how to heal it quickly?

The pain is in the midst of the upper region of my arm (above my elbow and close to my shoulder). I’ve been playing about only 15 hours in the past four days. I have try outs in two days. I’ll take all suggestions on how to heal it quick.

The pain isn’t associated with the bone. I’m pretty sure it is like a muscle because the pain runs parallel to my bone.

Also, any ideas on how to serve with this kind of pain? Right now, I just tap it in. The pain only arises when I actually hit the ball or swing my racket. Thanks

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  1. 7576reds, 07 December, 2009

    could be a pulled mussel, ice it and take some ibprofen and you should be good

  2. Slinky, 07 December, 2009

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