what is wrong with my elbow?

i have a lot of pain after i throw a baseball for a long time (pitching) i am going to stop pitching now so i can rest my elbow ( and because i suck at pitching) the pain is right on top of the elbow ( in the back of my arm) i have alot of pain there. even doe i will stop pitching i still have to throw the ball form another position so i need to know what this is and how to treat it and how to get rid of it for ever. i think its tennis elbow but idk because i play baseball not tennis.
when the pain first stared i went to the doctor and i took x rays of it and there was nothing wrong.

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  1. Matt, 09 December, 2009

    I had this problem. I was throwing curves. Don’t do it. it’sh horridble. How old are you? I was early 13, late 12 when I got it. I then becamse fragile with elbow, eventually got better. but then, I hurt my upper arm, lasted a year so far:( google little leaguers elbow for your problem.

  2. wtfbomb, 09 December, 2009

    i’m pretty sure it’s normal. my elbow starts to feel like it’s dislocated after i’ve thrown the football for a while. it soon gets better for me though.

  3. nobrethequeen, 09 December, 2009

    it sounds like a pulled muscle. u should get it checked out by a doctor & not fool around with this so it doesn’t get worse my friend. go to the doctor & let him or her tell u that it’s ok or not ok. good luck. it’s better to be safe then sorry. bb

  4. Eric H, 09 December, 2009

    Yup, it’s tennis elbow, which is a form of repetitive strain injury.

    It’ll hurt for a while – not much you can do about that.

    Just rest it up and don’t overdo it so much the next time.

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