Are there lymph nodes in the outside of your elbow, above the joint?

Well, about this time last year I was told I had stage II embroynal carcinoma. They my right ‘one’, but it still showed signs of intrusion… so I had to go through a few cycles of Chemo.

Its been a couple months and everything’s looking good, but the last few days–couple weeks?–my elbow and shoulder have been tight and sore, and today i found a marble sized, painful mass a couple inches up from my elbow.

I mean, last time I expected nothing, I got something else…

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  1. Panda, 10 December, 2009

    No one here can see this or no what it is just from your description . . but it is possible for metastatic cancer to travel anywhere on the body. With a history of cancer you need to call your oncologist as soon as possible to have this checked. Never ignore an unexplained, painless lump or bump over 2cm especially if it seems to be growing. Hopefully it will turn out to be ‘nothing’ . . but better safe than sorry. Call your doctor today.

  2. Mum Mum, 10 December, 2009

    Yes ,see your doctor, NOW !

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