What type of muscle/joint therapy for a grossly displace clavicle fracture?

Eight weeks ago I fractured my left clavicle, I was told it was grossly displaced and also had a "floater". Surgery was performed; plate and screws.
It’s nice and stable, can’t stand the sling anymore-it causes pain in my folded elbow and also my AC joint is stiff and sore. I’m staying away from bearing any weight over 10 lbs. for now but need to get flexation back. Very tight when trying to reach behind and also across my chest. Found out from slow movments that the AC clicks also.
What to do?

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  1. Natalie Z, 31 December, 2009

    Because you had a displaced fracture with hardware placement, you really need to consult with your orthopedist on this one. If you’d had a nondisplaced fracture, I could point you to some sites with PT exercises, but you really need specialized treatment in your situation. If you’d prefer to do the therapy on your own, your doctor may allow that, but he needs to show you what exercises to do and how to do them to avoid further injury. He will probably prefer for you to actually go to at least one therapy session so that a therapist can spend more time showing you what to do and what NOT to do.

    Shoulder rehab is usually pretty extensive, and it’ll probably take awhile to regain full motion and become pain free. It’s very important that you follow your doctor’s and therapist’s recommendations.

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