Should guys treat their ex gf’s this way?

Well I jus jokin around with my ex and his brother and friends and everything and we’re still friends and everything but i took his tennis ball and like ya kno when you get arrested how they have your arms when you are handcuffed thats how he has my arms and everything then he grabbed my leg and made me fall on the concrete knees first and my knee is like badly bruised and is scraped then i got up and walked away and he walked after me and grabbed me and pinned me on the ground and sat on me, i tryed elbowing him but he held my arms back and he wouldnt let me up and he was cussin me out, then he pinned my arms above my head! Do you think a guy should treat a girl this way even when he is mad?

BTW i’m 16 and so is he.
My friend who was with me jus stood there sayin she would kick him but never did and his brother was bein protective of me but he didnt step in and alls he did was push my friend bac when she tryed kickin him. im not sure what set him off or anything but it made me pissed off. he tryed apologizing but i didnt want to hear it because i was so mad. what stunned me was, was that he said that he would never hurt me!
Today when I went down there to talk to his brother who I am good friends with, he was constantly apologizing to me and everything and asking me to forgive him and he said that he hated himself for it and everything.

This is the first time he has ever done something like that, which is what stunned me! He is naturally a very happy person and doesn’t like to be mad or have anyone mad at him,i just didn’t think he would dare do that to me. That is the first time he has ever laid hands on me,too!

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  1. Old Painless, 06 January, 2010

    He shouldnt do this kind of stuff. Its one thing to be playing around, and accidentally hurting somebody, and appologizing to them. However, its not cool when he is actually hurting, controlling, or even cussing you out. Unacceptable behavior for anyone regardless of their age or mood. He needs to grow up.

  2. cheerycherrycheerio, 06 January, 2010

    okay this guy shouldn’t have hurt you for taking his tennis ball. Good thing you broke up with him he sounds violent or something. He may still have hard feelings over your guys break up but that is still no excuse for beating you up.

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