why does it hurt so much when you bump your elbow?

you know when you hit your "funny bone" and it kills… why does it hurt more than so many other parts of the body? I don’t think my knee hurts that much when I hit it, but then maybe I just don’t hit it as much — any med students/doctors out there care to take a stab at this?

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  1. mikeycal, 12 January, 2010

    There is a nerve that runs under your elbow and down your forearm. When you hit your "funny bone" you’re actually putting pressure on that nerve. This causes the pain. By the way, the reason it’s called the funny bone is because its actual name is the humerus. Get it?

  2. Danthony, 12 January, 2010

    The elbow is bone and nreves and very little muscle tissue to create a pad so you contact the nerves very easily.

  3. mafiaqueen1900, 12 January, 2010

    There is a very sensitive nerve in your elbow and when hit hurts very bad.

  4. xxsnsxx@verizon.net, 12 January, 2010

    Because the funny bone (scientifically called the "humerus" has a bunch of nerves and when you hit it, it sends a stinging sensation down your arm.

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