why does my wrist and elbow still hurt?

okay so i was in an accident last april and i broke my wrist, they thought it was my elbow but i guess they were wrong. well the past week or so my wrist has been throbbing and my elbow has been locking alot…why would it still hurt? what could be going on?

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  1. Senthura, 21 January, 2010

    In November 2009, I broke my elbow and badly sprained my wrist. The people at my school thought both things were broken and called my mother, who took me to the doctor. It still hurts today and the doctor still thinks it should be less touchy and painful. I am currently using Mobisyl cream, which is over the counter and inexpensive, to control the pain. The elbow may actually be jammed or dislocated, if you choose to believe me, which causes the locking up. Your wrist may be currently fractured, you may have a very severe bone bruise, or you may have even jammed or dislocated it as well as your elbow. I am seeing an orthopedic surgeon and have paid close attention to what he has said and these are some things they checked to make sure they did not happen in the incident.

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