do i have tennis elbow???

i am in a tennis camp and recently my forehand arm (right) has been really hurting. it’s my upper forearm, but my elbow doesnt hurt. it’s one specific spot on my upper radius (i’m pretty sure that’s the bone i’m trying to describe) it is exremely tender; you can tell when you put pressure on it. it hurts to do activities as simple as pouring from a pitcher, or holding a heavier bowl. is there anything i can do to treat my pain??

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  1. Melinda, 27 January, 2010

    If it just recently started you can ice it, ice is best for an acute injury. Also you could take pain meds, like advil or something. Best thing to do is take a break and let your arm rest, but if you are at a camp I could see how thats impossible.

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