Advice on building arms?

I am been lifting for years. During my time I have developed a great chest and broad shoulders. However, I have had problems with my arms. When I try to go heavy, I end up injuring myself, (naming tennis elbow). My biceps exercise consists of preacher curls, dumbbell curls and hammer curls. My triceps exercises consist of standing cable press downs, seated triceps extensions, and triceps kickbacks. I am not looking a gaining much weight, because I am already close to my weight limit in the Army. Can someone give me advice?

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  1. Remy, 27 January, 2010

    Look dont worry about doing super huge weight. The only thing that does is just feed to our ego’s and you end up hurting yourself like you already have done. Plus…when someone is doing big weight most of the time they are doing it with little to no control and horrible form. That will get you no gains whatsoever. Those excercises are fine. Do some rope tricep extensions and skull crushers as well.

    You want to do them in nice controlled fluid motions. Remember to contract and squeeze those muscles to the max and then slowly expand. Use a weight that is comfortable, but you should struggle a bit on the last set. I’ll usually do 4 sets of 10-12 on most stations and i’ll throw in some supersets as well.

    Remember, don’t worry about how much the guy beside you is lifting. Focus on what your doing. Nice and fluid motions. Really squeeze out that muscle your targeting.

  2. John, 27 January, 2010

    its not about what exercise or how many types of exercises you do. its not about range of motion because the only moving in your arm is the hinge your elbows and wrists the muscle is always in the same position all the time. its only about how much weight the muscle is forced to contract against. thats it. the more weight forced the bigger the muscle will always grow to accommodate, but it will only stay above your gene limit if the force is close to the golgi limit and prolongued for more than a few minutes straight with minimal rest. this muscle is not white tissue but a mix with red tissue. and stays so far for me over 10 years with 0 reduction in size. most ppl who r successful in gyms are ones with genetic muslce latency not SKILL, almost 100% books and ppl in gyms are training wrong, without their unknown latency they would not grow any more than the skinniest guy there. do something different and understand the science behind it the skill which you wont learn from bodybuilders but ppl like vince gironda, mike mentzer and scientists like john little and pete cisco and you will supersede all your mates. the sole factor is pure contractile force.

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