Can you get tennis elbow from lifting heavy objects one time?

Can you get tennis elbow from lifting heavy objects one time? I do not play sports and I pretty much have a desk job, but I have developed tennis elbow. This last week I did carry several buckets of paint at the same time (five), but would that be enough to cause tennis elbow?

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  1. Wise, 28 January, 2010

    A desk job doing what? Computer? Mouse? This could easily cause elbow pain. It could also be from lifting an object as well especially if done incorrectly. Give it rest, ice it and don’t use it for awhile.

  2. R U OK, 28 January, 2010


    I lifted 5 lbs 20 times a minute for 30 minutes and got it.

  3. Christy SD Nurse, 28 January, 2010


  4. Jessica S, 28 January, 2010


  5. Rebecca, 17 February, 2011

    I slipped and fell on ice about 2 weeks ago, and my elbow took the fall. It was very stiff/swollen for 3 days and I barely had any range of motion atall. since then I can extend my elbow until it ALMOST locks, but cant quite get the rest of the way, and I cant lift things with any weight to them behind me (like a triceps workout), it hurts in the area of the common extensor tendon. also, it hurts to bring my arm up as much as I can (as if i were trying to touch my shoulder). my question is.. does this sound anything like tennis elbow? I thought it might have been a trapped nerve but I dont have any tingling or numbness in my fingers/arm atall. I do not have health insurance and going to the docs for an xray is going to be extremely expensive. ive been resting it, and it seems to be getting better, but I fear that I will never be able to lock my elbow again and that this shooting pain when lifting things will persist. any advice?

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