Here is the situation: I have pain when I play piano, also sometimes when I don’t. Sometimes I get pain from doing absolutely nothing stressful to my arms. It often seems that when it happens for no reason I am sitting down, although resting my arms in my lap, usually they don’t hurt when I am standing up. The pain is locating on both L and R forearms, the underside upper half by the elbow, but not quite to the elbow. The exact location of the pain is hard to pinpoint. Sometimes it is shoots through for a few seconds, sometimes a dull ache for a few hours.

I’ve tried the following treatments with no relief whatsoever: Chiropractics, icing, rest, active release therapy, meds, stretching, exercise, accupuncture, and etc.

It’s not a pinched nerved, carpel tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tendinosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, MS, tennis elbow, or focal dystonia. Anybody have any ideas? Don’t say something just to get points please, thanks a lot!

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