I think I have tennis elbow, Can I still bowl?

I have league every tuesday, and I really would rather not miss it. I have started wearing a support band made for tennis elbow. How long should I wear it for? Can I still bowl on tuesday? Is there anything else that will help my elbow get better?

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  1. creed, 29 January, 2010

    bowling may have caused the problem in the 1st place;; actually, holding the ball to your side would help to give the joint some traction, but pulling it on either side of 0` gravity, your going to be inflaming the area that got you in this place to begin with;; did you ask your doc??
    & I dont’ know if you’ve had therapy, but ice (i mean cubed) & significant massage to the tendon can help ease the tension.. good luck, but I think you should hold off on the bowling until your symptoms subside…..

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