I have a chipped elbow, what can I do to avoid long term reprecutions and pain?

My elbow/ right has severe chips in in which are visible and you can feel by touch. What kind of long term problems could this cause?
I know there are wrist supports (bands), tennis elbow braces, wrist immobilizer braces. But i dont know what is the best thing to use. I talked to my doctor, he suggested to avoid surgery because it will just keep chipping. I am 20 Years old. It happend a year ago and I am starting to get more frequent pain in my wrist, tenonts and forearm when doing simple task like typing and drivingfishing 🙁
Sometimes i get a tingling/ numbness in my hand and forarm.
On a good day I can perform tasks with ease as the chips have alligned; the elbow feels semi normal (smooth). But other days the chips move around and I cause more pain.
Any help or info is much appreciated. I am in college and working at a coop now. I havent had time to see a specialist about this but plan to. Please Help.
Any info on the proper use of any aiding braces would be nice aswellthanks

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  1. jim bo, 29 January, 2010

    . This looks like a good site @ http://med.umich.edu/1libr/sma/sma_osteodis_sma.htm ;
    "…Osteochondritis dissecans of the elbow is a disorder in which fragments of bone or cartilage come loose and float around in the elbow joint. Cartilage is tough, smooth tissue that lines and cushions the surface of the joints. These chips usually come from the upper arm bone (humerus). "
    Small bone chips or cartilage fragments that do not affect elbow motion and do not cause further pain do not need to be removed. Surgery may be needed to remove larger fragments and to repair the injured joint surface. " …
    …….. sounds like you need a orthopedic surgeon. It might help to have an elbow brace.

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