What is the cause of tennis elbow of the left elbow on right handed office workers?

I’m right handed, and use a mouse with my right hand, but have tendinitis in my left elbow. I know several other right-handed people with a similar problem.
I’m not a very active person, besides walking two to three miles per day. The only thing I use my left arm for is typing on a keyboard.

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  1. irish_a, 29 January, 2010

    tennis elbow is basically inflammation of the muscles in the forearm that extend the wrist, ie. move the back of your hand closer to your arm. do u take part in any sporting activity that involves this movement with the left arm? just think of what you do everyday…do u use a motorbike? that action is used alot when driving them!

  2. solomonpathirana, 29 January, 2010

    Sometimes this happens when you are on an exercise machine doing exercises to strengthen you shoulder muscles and back muscles.

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