Is elbow injury considered “tennis elbow”?

I weight train regularly from 2-3 time a week. The injury occurred when I was using of those fitness wheels ( wheel with a handle bar on each side) and on the first rep my right elbow (primary arm) seized up with stiffness and pain. I’m only 22…could my injury be tennis elbow?

Its been about 2 weeks now and the pain come up every now and then during the day, though less severe.

If you were ever active in wrestling its the same pain you get after doing a lot of pulling, from take downs etc. Sharp pain on the inside of the elbow.

Any help from someone with experience in this area would be much appreciated!

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  1. emily b, 29 January, 2010

    Tennis elbow is the name for medial epicondylitis. All it means is that there is an inflammation on the medial side. Hold your arm out to the side, with the palm of the hand facing front. The side of the elbow that is closest to you is the medial side. Lateral epicondlitis (the other side of the elbow) is called golfer’s elbow.

    This may be tennis elbow, but it usually happens from lots of reps, not just one.

    Just let it rest and ice it a couple of times a day (20 min each time). You have got to give it a chance to heal or it will turn into a chronic problem.

    Good luck. Any ?s just email me.

  2. ccfuser, 29 January, 2010

    Very well could be Tennis elbow. the proper term is epicondylitis. It is a inflammation of you tendon attacthed to the epicondlye of your humerus. If can be treated by several different methods. Your probly best off doing some streches that will help reduce the pain. I imagine you could find streches for tennis elbow online or you might want to set up an appt to see a Sports Health doctor and they can order physical therapy.

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