Can someone describe the difference in how tennis elbow and a hyperextended elbow feel?

I hurt my elbow awhile ago. I think it’s a hyperextended elbow, since the pain is in the same spot where I did it once before. But I also had tendinitis in the same wrist that keeps crawling up the arm. I’m curious if the two injuries are easy to differentiate.

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  1. heatedwirez, 30 January, 2010

    Tennis elbow is felt in the elbow, not the wrist, and usually on the lateral side. A hyperextended elbow will cause pain in the back of the elbow, and may radiate down into the forearm.

    Tennis elbow is more of a dull achy pain, while a sharper pain will be felt from a hyperextended elbow because there is likely to be damage to the bone in the area.

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