What is the most effective treatment for painful tendinitis in the outer elbow? ?

I am a male, age 43. I have been strength training over the past year and have made great gains! The outer elbow pain seems to be getting worse after working out or doing simple tasks! Wake up with pain & numbness! I`ve tried ice, heat, pain relievers, rest, etc. Nothing is working!

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  1. doc_holliday1863, 30 January, 2010

    Ask your Doctor to percribe some Lidoderm 5% patches for you, keep the patch on over night or for up to twelve hours.

  2. sasyone, 30 January, 2010

    I think I might have the same problem,hopefully someone out there has a suggestion.

  3. Joebarlo, 30 January, 2010

    Yeah. Consulting your doctor is the best option. An orthopedic physician/surgeon is the best specialist to consult with. Have you been diagnosed of tendinitis in that elbow before? It could also be arthritis. If so, a different kind of treatment may be necessary.

  4. tess, 30 January, 2010

    What you’ve got is called Tennis Elbow. You can try taking Ibuprofen to help reduce the inflammation, you can try massage, but really the only thing that will heal your elbow is not using it. With proper rest, most cases will heal in 6-12 weeks.

    If you absolutely must use your elbow for your job or whatever you can get a cortisone shot

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