Tennis exercises?

Hi, all. Here’s a question from a beginner in tennis: What are some good exercises to increase your swing and make it stronger?


Oh, and has anyone ever experienced any weight-loss in tennis? I eat well, and I’m hoping that once I start this sport I might drop a few pounds. I’m currently 122 lbs (5’1") and hoping to get down to 115-117 or so.

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  1. jugglinwhiz, 30 January, 2010

    I got a great excersise for you!

    Put a racquet cover on your racquet. Then start swinging with good form. If you dont swing with good form you might reinforce bad habits. This directly adds to the power of your swing by working on the exact same muscles as hitting a tennis ball would. The air resistance of the racquet cover helps , you know, resistance! After a while you can toss a couple of tennis balls inside the cover to add more weight. I gurantee more power!

    In tennis you can lose weight only if you play intensely, or your fat. Youre not fat but playing tennis can help you drop several pounds.

    Good luck!

  2. Tiffany K, 30 January, 2010

    you could go to your nearest tennis club and ask the fitnes coach there what would be so good exercises (for example, using the medicine ball and doing forehand and backhand swings against a wall, preferably concrete) and
    yes, i have experienced weight loss in tennis. After you sweat alot (for about two hours or three hours of playing) you start to loose pounds.

  3. 9jagurl, 30 January, 2010

    well first of all make sure you hit the ball back and fort, that will inprove your swing of the ball and make sure someone throw the ball to u or hit it to u and you try to get it. as for the weight loss stuff, i started playing tennis not because i wanted to lose weight but then i realize that i can lose weight cos usually for an hr of effective pratice with my coach and other people from the team , i lost 500 calories everyday and that has help me with my fitness and weight goal, eventhough im not on my desired weight im still fit for it. and another thing dont try to limit your self with food as well cos if you do, then you wont have energy to play and you will feel weak and wonder why you not playing so well, that happen to me a lot of time so eat your food cos u will lose those calories later. and keep yourself hydrated also, it’s bad when u dehydrated cos u feel dizzie, again ive been there.

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