should i still go to therapy for tennis elbow?

therapy doesnt seem to be helping,3 times a week for 4 wks now. will it get better on its own.

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  1. pumpkin head, 30 January, 2010

    It wont get better on its own, but you probably shouldnt be seeing the same physical therapist. Get a second opinion.

    When the body is injured, it repairs itself using a tissue that is structurally different from the original tissues. This scar tissue is not as functional as the original tissue, meaning it is less flexible due to its density and chaotic arrangement of fibers. It is also less sensitive and it has less blood supply. Due to tension along the border between scar tissue and normal tissue, there is a high risk of re-injury.

    A qualified physical therapist can do work to rearrange the fibers into a more functional alignment and give more length to the scar, allowing for more flexibility. You should continue stretching and exercising the area as advised for several years.

    Also keep in mind that injuries to ligaments, tendons, and cartilages take a long time to heal, because those tissues are not made to need a high blood supply. So there is less blood to transport materials in and out of the area for repair.

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