fired lack of production due to work related injury tennis elbow?

after ten years with aspl tree i was fired for lack of production. i was told after many weeks of harrasment that i was costing them to much money i was [wrote up for doing good job just not enouph of it] i pruduced more than any one when i said i needed to file claim, they turned up the heat on me and when i didn’t quit my general foreman said costing them to much money after insulting my inteligents said follow back to parking spot where he said someone else wold be operating my truck the next day and see how that works when i called supervisor next day said that i was fired.i had been to doctors three times for pain in elbow and now tharapy and they also cancelled insurance week before fired. some comments harrasment [have i ever done this before] been doing all my life. i am costing them to much money] after filing claim i am guessing lost safety bonus? never filed claim they fired before could or make that call. ten years with company fired? for?

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  1. pearl_hoff, 30 January, 2010

    think you should see a lawyer there is such a thing called the family medical leave act you could gone out on disabiltiy till you got better also for harrasment

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