I was diagnosed with cellulitis a week ago. It is located on my right arm at the elbow. Symptoms appeared exactly 7 days ago (red skin, tight at elbow, super sensitive to touch, etc),. Went to Doc next day and he was unsure of whether it was cellulitis or gout, but leaned towards cellulitis. Perscribed bactrin and naproxen (in case its gout). Saw some immeditae benefits within a day…swelling decreased and tenderness went down. For the next few days the redness spread from my elbow toward my wrist with a clear line of demarcation betrween the red tender part and the normal skin. In the last two days the red pink color has gone down significantly, but the point of origin at my elbow is still a bit swollen and red. The skin at the elbow is very tight and a little warm (though not as much as last week). Is this normal/expected? When can I expect the swelling and tightness to go away? I have been on bactrin (2x per day) for 7 days. I have an appointment with my doc for 9 days from now.

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