What Does Carpul Tunnel Or Tennis Elbow Feel Like?

Since I have gone back to work 2 months ago, my right arm has really been hurting. I am right handed and work in a headlight factory so I use automatic drivers all day long. It has never bothered me much before but since being back, it really hurts.

Not in the same spot all the time, sometimes in the forearm, or bicep area, started out being my shoulder. Also, it hurts the most at nighttime and when I first get up in the morning, not so much when in use.

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  1. Mike K, 31 January, 2010

    I had carpal tunnel issues a couple time in my life in the past few years. For me I had some the numbness and tingling issues in a few of my fingers on my right hand. It came on rather gradually and went away with some rest… by rest I mean I stayed away from the computer keyboard for awhile. I did have some pain when I would bend my wrist. It was a sort of shooting pain that was in my wrist rather unpleasant, but I could manage it without any heavy medication, and had it checked out. The doctor gave me a brace to wear to keep my wrist straight which really really helped. So I was glad I went in to get checked out. Also I had much of the same issue as you with the pain at nighttime and when I just woke up in the morning. My doctor said it was due to the fact that I would probably bend my wrist at night. When I started wearing the brace at night the situation improved very much!

    Carpal Tunnel and Tennis Elbow are two different things, however some of their symptoms can overlap. A doctor will be able to do a quick physical examination to determine which one it is.

    Please feel to email me if you have any questions about my response… I hope all works out well for you!

  2. Quicksand, 31 January, 2010

    you will feel some numbness in index finger and some pain in the arm . this really is consider normal with the people who work in the computers for long time without any rest , you need to have drugs for the inflammation of the nerves and muscles around your elbow, wrist and arm .like ibuprofen gel or tablets if the pain ease then this is not a carpel tunnel.

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