do I have a tennis elbow please help?

I play tennis every day and whenever I serve my best my elbow starts hurting its been going on for 3 weeks. is it tennis elbow but when I put ice on it its fine and I can play tennis again without a problem until I serve. Is it tennis elbow and if it is how long should I stop.
when I serve my best I mean put a lot of force into it then it hurts other shots like forehands doesn’t hurt also it hurts but its not very painful.

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  1. Jasmina L, 31 January, 2010

    My father is a qualified coach in sports doctor, It is common for young tennis players like me and you without the right amount of fitness and strength training to injure ourselves and develop tennis elbow. Tennis elbow in almost all case put a tennis player out of the sport for life.

    ——Tennis elbow occurs due to damage to the tendons. The tendons can never fully repair.————————————–

  2. tennis_gurly, 31 January, 2010

    ya i think its tennis elbow…you should go see a doctor, they will tell you…and they will also tell you how long you need to stop playing and what treatments you need…………i would say you would be out for like 3 weeks…idk =]

  3. Nick S, 31 January, 2010

    do you have a high tension with strings like wilson nxt or babolat pro hurricane tour? Thats what gets you tennis elbow, if you dont then im not sure.

  4. rogerfedererfanclub, 31 January, 2010

    On the safer side I would go and see a doctor. If you don’t see a doctor it may get worse and you won’t be ale to play tennis for a long time. Try this. Stop putting that much force into your serve. Try serving slowly and then gradually go to serving faster. I hope you are going to be ok with your elbow!

  5. brown.skinned, 31 January, 2010

    It might be or it might not be. Players who develop tennis elbow usually experience excruciating pain that even lifting a glass of water would be tormenting task to do. Tennis elbow sore area is concentrated on the outer portion of the elbow. Area affected can be tender and elbow movement is constricted due to muscle pain. Even slight wrist twisting and stretching movement can provide muscle discomfort. If only few of the signs mentioned above are present in your condition, you might be experiencing some kind of muscle injury due to incorrect ground strokes or improper serving follow through. A lot of players develop muscle injury especially trying out new strokes that can force muscle compression or hyper extension.

  6. tennislover, 31 January, 2010

    my advice is get it checked out by a chropractor and go for some adjustments.. they can adjust your elbow and loosen up the kinks in your elbow/forearms..

    also u should take trioflex supplment.. its got chrontrotin and MSM, glucsoamine.. and that helps with the healing of connective tissue and ligaments

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