What are some good tennis exercises at home?

I live like really far away from any tennis courts but i want to stay in shape for next years high school tennis. I can’t find any walls to hit a ball against. Are there are good exercises to keep from getting bad?

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  1. cutie pie, 31 January, 2010

    of course, there are many different excersizes out there. I play tennis on a very competitive level (nationals), and the weather where I live is not always perfect. so i got to stay in shape really well.
    First of all, I run 3 miles per day and do a lot of sprints. I am sure that for highschool tennis, you just need to run 1-2 miles. The way you do these sprints is you run for 60 seconds as fast as you can and then walk for 30-60 seconds (depending on how long it takes you to fully rest). Then you repeat the exercise 10-15 times (as you get used to the running, I would suggest you start doign more repetitions)

    you should also try to streghthen your lower back. What you do there is lay on a high surface (like a table) and have some kind of restraint on your legs so you won’t fall. 1/4 of your thigh should be off of the table. Then you SLOWLY bend down and then go up. You should do this is no less than a 10-count!!! (you can have a person sit on your legs to hold you down.)

    Also, you should try to get some crunches in. But not regular crunches. you have to put your legs up on a chair (so that the angles between your body and your legs and the angle of your knee bend are both 90 degrees). then you should slowly lift your torso up and hold it for a count of 5. Do this untill exhausted. (I know it sounds like its hard, but really, it just takes some getting used to)

    Also, if you want to keep in shape, especially for tennis, I would suggest doing many different stretches. this is a pretty much complete website of all the stretches that you have GOT to do to stay in shape: http://www.ovphysio.com/stretchg/tennis/tennis.htm

    message me if you want more advice. 😉

  2. JR to The Tennis, 31 January, 2010

    Yes their are. You might want to considering jumping rope. This really helps you with you’re footwork and it helps keep you in shape. Another suggestion is too jog. Jog one or two miles a day. This could improve your court speed and keep you in shape. You could also look up some exersices/streches on youtube to help you with your technique.

  3. gr8ss4opper, 31 January, 2010

    Where there is a will there is a way, in my opinion. If its important to you, I think you should find a way to play tennis to stay in "tennis shape". Have you tried looking at satellite pictures of your area via Google maps, to see if there are tennis courts closer to you? (maps.google.com) Jump rope and running will keep you in shape, but there is no real substitute for playing tennis. Maybe you can ride your bike to the nearest tennis court to practice your serve twice a week (using the bike ride to keep in shape). Post something to craigslist to look for tennis partners to hit with, or possibly a high school teammate to practice with. Good luck!

  4. bLaCkBiRd, 31 January, 2010

    one good thing to do is to get someone to stand behind you and randomly throw balls over your head. you have to run and catch them in one bounce. it really improves your foot-work and its fun.

    you could get a tennis ladder, if you know what they are and if not google it or something. theres several different patterns to it and it helps your foot-work too.

    then, you could always put your raquet out in front of your foot and practice your ball toss. boring, but effective.

    hope i helped!

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