Can I get tennis elbow after playing with aluminum racket?

I want to buy cheaper racket but it is aluminum,so I wonder is there any danger to get pain in my elbow because of the absorbed vibrations

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  1. Roger K, 31 January, 2010

    You can get tennis elbow from playing with any kind of racket. The stringing of the racket can affect you, and using incorrect form when you hit the ball will contribute to developing this injury.

    Even non-tennis players get tennis elbow (which is really just a repetitive stress injury) – like teachers who write on a blackboard all day, carpenters who swing a hammer for hours each day, assembly line workers and so on.

    Strengthening the muscles in your forearm, wrist and hand will help to prevent this or diminish the likely hood of it happening.

  2. Tpain Flow, 31 January, 2010


  3. David, 31 January, 2010

    ask a tennis expert. one who specializes in sports medicine.

  4. Rebecca L, 31 January, 2010

    You can get tennis elbow from playing any sport with a racket or bat.

    you honestly dont need to waste your time going to the doc if its not that severe.

    And as far as your initial delema go to a sporting goods store and buy this thing called a bandit (7$) its very small and raps right around your upper arm.

    Its excelent for your money and you can play with whatever racket.

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