If you have strong arms does it lower the risk or prevent tennis elbow?

Strong arms as in huge muscles ( not as much as nadal)

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  1. global trotter, 01 February, 2010

    Most of tennis elbow involves tendons and soft tissues for they are more easily damaged, although muscles and bones can be affected. Muscles are stronger more resisitant to wear and tear than tendons. Therefore you may reduce the risk of tendinitis by having more muscles.

    Yeah, I agree not as much as Nadal, ha ha…

  2. Jake A, 01 February, 2010

    strong arms are usefull in tennis and to prevent certain injuries. however tennis elbow is in the elbow and near the joint. the most common way of getting tennis elbow is not hitting the ball right with the right technique. either your arm is bent too much when hitting the ball or the vibration can cause it. my advice would be to pratice the technique to prevent this injury. good luck

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