Would it be bad to go on rollercoasters if I have “tennis elbow”?

I got tennis elbow b/c of the repetitive movement of scanning groceries at work, so would coasters possibly make it worse since it’s fast and you have to hold on really strong?? would it be ok if I wore an arm strap??

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  1. postal p, 01 February, 2010

    No! Go and enjoy yourself.

  2. Sammy, 01 February, 2010

    it shouldnt.. i have tennis elbow in both arms and unless ur going to throw ur arms up every single time it shouldnt do much.. but id go to physical therapy. it helps A LOT. 🙂

  3. Nashvegas, 01 February, 2010

    yes a roller coaster would be ok and wear your arm strap if it makes you feel better about it.

  4. Lefstad’s daughter, 01 February, 2010

    Its tendinitis, the worse that could happen is that you have some pain as you throw your arms up in exhilaration. Wear the arm strap if you think it will help. Holding on tightly shouldnt make it worse. Different muscles are involved depending on the severity of the tendinitis you may not even feel pain.

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