What are some good shoulder exercises for tennis?

I used to wait a bit when hitting with the racket and kind of pulled my shoulder. I think that’s where I’m most susceptible to injury when playing tennis. What are some tennis exercises for tennis for the shoulders?

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  1. Daniel, 01 February, 2010

    Rest it if you pulled, try and ice bath – Any Murray does it. When it’s fine try taking two rackets, if you have two, and tape them together and then go to an open space and just swing them as if you were hitting a ball, it builds up your arm muscles, mine have grown speedily, and it makes your shoulder stronger and easier to move e.g. swinging. It works for me and I would really recommend it. Also, if you don’t have two rackets, try adding small weights to your racket, it works exactly the same.

  2. David, 01 February, 2010

    if you pulled your shoulder you should let it recover before doin any exercises.

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