Should i play today with tennis elbow?

i have a tournament tomorrow and i already took a day to rest my tennis elbow. my elbow feels better but it still stings. I got it yesterday. I personally think i should play because i have already rested a day and two days off… but this is my first experience with tennis elbow.

good help would be highly appreciated XD

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  1. gr8ss4opper, 01 February, 2010

    Tennis elbow is a result of micro tears in the tendons around the elbow area. You usually need more than 2 days off for something like tennis elbow. If you HAVE to play, I would definitely get a good elbow brace. Just don’t get dependent on it. Next I would recommend acupuncture for some pain relief before your tournament. I would also get a more arm friendly racquet (heavier, head-light, less stiff) and more arm friendly strings like Wilson K-gut or Natural Gut, strung at a lower tension. If you do not correct the source of the problem (polyester strings, high string tension, etc.), and you don’t take enough rest, you risk chronic elbow pains for long, long time. Is this one tournament worth it? Still, its your decision to make. Good luck, either way.

  2. Greg, 01 February, 2010

    Yes but don’t go craZy while playing and try not to use raquets with poly string or luxilon. if it hurts too much while playing then tale a break. Also you should probably buy a elbowbrace from sports authority

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