How to prevent tennis elbow?

And get rid of it? I know rest ice bla bla bla. Been 2 months, thought it was gone, but nope.
Its not a really bad pain, just feels a little stiff. I would love to start playing tennis again. Any advice on exercises i can do or something.

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  1. Andy, 01 February, 2010

    a key reason is the strings you use and the tension of the strings. i’m not an expert but my brother had tennis elbow and changed strings and it was fine a few weeks later. speak to someone at your tennis store/club to get advice

  2. Eric, 01 February, 2010

    preventing it… avoid sharp elbow snaps, limit the amount of high spin drop shots you take, etc.
    getting rid of it… difficult.

  3. tennislover, 01 February, 2010

    i will tell u something nobody has told you…
    u need to take a supplment with Chrondrotion and Glucosome in it.. as those things re build connective tissue, help ligaments, etc

    look for either ALL FLEX

    they help
    and also take extra vitamin C.. helps healing

  4. -<D@V!D>-, 01 February, 2010

    using a less stiff racquet might help

  5. Punk12300, 01 February, 2010

    Honestly and seriously… Proper form.

  6. Gregi, 01 February, 2010

    add a vibration absorber to your racket and i would suggest you to have a long rest to prevent more serious injuries.

  7. Bettina, 01 February, 2010

    My dad suffered from tennis elbow and changing strings really helped him. Using a soft string as cross helped him prevent it. He uses a gut imitation as cross and luxilon alu power rough as main. You might have to try out a few strings first before finding the one or ones that really work out for your game. You can check out They have a sting selector there that will help you find strings based on what you want. Hope that helps!

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