Ulnar nerve irritation due to elbow dislocation – is it curable ? if yes, then what’s the treatment ?

I had dislocated my left elbow. After one week of removal of cast, I started having hardness on the nails of little and ring fingers of my left hand. Same was observed on the portion of palm below these two fingers. On these two fingers, there was a feeling of fluffiness. I have shown to various doctors. Every one has advised for vitamin medicines but none is sure, if it’s fully recoverable . Has any one faced such kind of problem ? If yes, then what treatment was taken for full cure ? Kindly help me. THANKS.

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  1. fatmanfreakaoid, 01 February, 2010

    There are definately surgical procedures that can help inflammed ulnar nerves…I had one a few years back and have had NO numbness or tingling or any other problems since.

    One option is an "ulnar nerve decompression with a medial epicondylectomy", which is what I chose. The surgeon "decompresses" the nerve by releasing it from the tissue that’s pushing on it. Then they saw a small part off of the ulnar bone that creates the groove the nerve sits in.

    Another option is transposition of the ulnar nerve, in which they pull it out of the "groove" it lies in, and move it to a different location in the elbow (to put it simply).

    If you are having daily problems, like I was, I would skip the conservative medical treatment…like meds, splints, sleeves, etc….and go for the surgery if you can. It’s immediate relief.

  2. kc, 01 February, 2010

    I would see a neurologist immediately for this. Neurontin is a drug that is out and is used to treat nerve pain/damage.

    There may be damage from the surgery or something else going on. Make an appt. :o)

  3. okaasia, 03 November, 2011

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