I was diagnosed with tennis elbow about 6 months ago. I have been since going to PT and have had a…?

injection in my elbow. The pain has not gotten any better, maybe worse. I feel as if they may be overlooking something, any ideas? I have a hard time believing that it is just tennis elbow due to the extreme amout of pain I am in. Any ideas suggestions?

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  1. Jack Meoff, 02 February, 2010

    I might suggest cold laser therapy


  2. nettazig, 02 February, 2010

    There is a great, and very cheap, type of treatment for this type of overuse injury. It’s called an epicondyle (or tennis elbow) brace. It’s a small strap (about an inch to an inch an a half wide) that you put over the epicondyle just below your elbow. What it does is slightly compress that tendon, thus supporting it at the insertion point, and believe it or not, that little bit of support totally eliminates the pain.

    I suffer from epicondylitis (not from playing tennis though!) and this strap was a lifesaver for me. There is a spot on it that is slightly stiffer than the rest of the brace, which is the part you put directly over the tendon. You would not believe what a difference such a cheap and simple brace can make, and they are available everywhere…Walmart, Costco, drug stores, etc. Give it a try…if it doesn’t work, you are out very little money, and you aren’t putting harmful steroids into your body.

    I’m actually very surprised that your doctor or PT did not suggest this to you, but then again, maybe not. Since it’s such an inexpensive treatment, they would have been out the money from the shots and the therapy treatments!

    Best of luck, and I hope this works for you!!!

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