sprained elbow or something more?

okay last night I was at siwm practice and I was swimming backstroke. I did a flip turn and broke into to stroke when my left hand broke out it hit the wall and got stuck but my arm (which already had momentum) kept twisting. somehow in that split second my elbow got twisted pretty bad. It swelled and swelled fast. now 24 something hourss later its still swollen. I swam the remaining hurndred and got out. it didn’t really hurt except when I tried to put presure behind my hand, and then the pain was sharp. it didn’t really hurt until about 1 hour later. its been in a bent possion since. and every time I move it out of it it poppes sometimes it doesn’t hurt and other times it hurts alot. I wore a sling to school today. then after school i went to the chiro thinking he could help. he used this laser thing on it (which he’s used on me a hurndred times, on my knee, shoulder, and my tenis elbows) but this time it hurt. It NEVER hurts, he was shocked and so was I. I love that thing but it hurt! I have a really high pain tolorence so my idea of pain is different. he (my chiro) hinted that if the swelling doesn’t go down in a day or two that it could be broken. do you think I could have? we really don’t have to money at the moment to go to the ER. but I want your honest opion. Do you think I just twisted it badly? or could it be broken?

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  1. Aremay, 02 February, 2010

    I think that you definitely need to go and get it checked out. In my opinion, I think it might be broken, but then again, I havn’t seen it or felt the pain so I couldnt tell you, but i think you might want to get it looked at in case it is so you dont cause it any more injury.

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