What may be the reason for pinching type of pain in the neck-shoulder-elbow area? Also treatment.?

I have the above mentioned type of pain only on the LEFT side, starting from the back of the head-shoulder joint-elbow. Pain has never extended beyond the elbow. Started six months ago. There is also increase in pain through the months since the start. I am inactive most during the day only walk inside the house and do not involve in any exercises. There is slight reduction in pain if i do involve in walking or work. I feel that the pain is only in ONE of the above mentioned areas and not all places at a time. I have experimented while sleeping through the months and found that I have less pain while sleeping with my left shoulder down on the mattress and fall asleep. Sleeping on the back or turning to the right is painful and i can’t fall asleep. I never spend more than 1-and-a-half hours at my computer everyday. I am sure that i have not sustained any physical injuries in the area. I am 61, weigh 90 kg (198 lbs), 5ft 8 in (173 cm) tall, right handed, heavy built man. I’m not diabetic and recent ECG results have shown that my heart is in very good condition.
My past medical history includes a successful lamenectomy ( or laminectomy) surgery in the lumbar spine area 5 years ago. I have completely recovered from the same.
I have furnished the best details i know about my problem.
Please help me and give me advice.

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  1. dares2cares, 02 February, 2010

    The nerves for the shoulder, neck and elbow all come from the brachial plexus. This could be due to a misalignment in your neck or a disc that is degenerating causing an impingement (pinching) of the nerves in the neck. You may not experience pain in all the places at once.

    I would recommend that you start with a good medically based chiropractor. They will be able to tell you if it is a misalignment or a degeneration. If it is a misalignment, they will be able to help with an adjustment.

    However, if it is a disc, chiropractic care can help to a certain point(especially with a DRS machine), but once it gets past that certain point, an orthopedic surgeon should be consulted. I would not recommend going to the surgeon first. Try more conservative treatments first.

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