tennis elbow is so frustrating?

I play tennis once or twice a week. Now I have this tennis elbow pain. I had 2 cortisone shots, the last one lasted only a week then the pain is back. What else can I do to take off this pain. Should I have surgery?

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  1. Vincent K, 02 February, 2010

    there are a few ways that u can use to reduce the effect of tennis elbow…not by medication though…

    1—change to a lower tension…too high a tension will put heavy pressure on the elbow…low tension…easy on the elbow…

    2—change to NOT too stiff racket…also use a vibration dampener…go for bigger sized head rackets…100sqin above

    3—always use an elbow guard…to support the elbow

    4—always do wrist warm up….some how the wrist does effect the elbow..(so said my physician)

    hope it helps ya…


  2. HannesJust, 02 February, 2010


    Your tennis elbow is probably caused by a bad swing; I mean the movement your arm makes after you have hit the ball.
    Probably you stop the swing with your arm (causing all the force will be redirected to your elbow) while the arm and racket should swing round.

    Solution: Search for a good coach and let him teach you how to hit the bal correct, avoiding the tennis elbow. Make this very clear to him and ask him if he can do that.

    Also be very very careful with cortisone shots, they also weaken your elbow in the long run. You should solve what causes the pain, not the symptoms.

  3. goheels550, 02 February, 2010

    I have had tennis elbow in both elbows for 2 years, and I play every day.

    There are a lot of little things that I do to help my tennis elbow. I ice it b4, during, and after I play. I take Advil. I also have my coach use a special tension and string that is easier on my elbow. There are plenty of braces or wraps you can use as well.

    I don’t think surgery is the answer. In fact, I don’t even think there is a surgery for tennis elbow. It is really just a fact of life that many players have to deal with.

  4. mariasha, 02 February, 2010

    as i have been working with many players over the years, generally tennis elbow is caused by the wrong technique in hitting a shot. it is probably on the backhand side if you use a single-handed backhand.

    but it can also be your string tension and the type of strings you use.
    lower you string tension and use softer material strings will ease the impact on your elbow, arm and wrist.
    for example………….if you used to string your racket at 60 lbs, now string your racket at 52-55lbs.
    sure you will not be able to control your shots with lower tensions,,,,,,,,,,,but after a while, you’ll get used to it.
    and besides, your elbow is more important.
    try Luxilon strings. string it about 50-52 lbs. the strings ‘holds’ the tension well even after 2 weeks. the are comfortable and very playable.

    then there is the question of your type of racket.
    oversize rackets are more forgiving on shots.
    it was mentioned that the use of a vibration damper will help.
    vibration dampers only dampens STRING vibration. not racket FRAME vibration.

    better quality strings have very little vibration when you make contact with the ball.
    but racket frame vibration is the biggest issue to tennis elbow.
    some frames vibrate more than others.
    some rackets have a ‘ping’ sound on contact. that is frame vibration.

    you did not mention what brand and frame size you use.
    your playing style……….swing speed…….. etc……..

    generally Prince rackets Head rackets are good and comfortable. go demo a few.

    so go experiment with string tension and type of strings.

    have fun!!!!

  5. cant_tell_you, 02 February, 2010

    i play tennis evryday for two hours after school ( i play high school tennis) and i’ve never had tennis elbow, but my wrist has been hurting alot. but thats a different story… heres a question, are yout trying a new swing? like do you hold the racket differently than how you held last time? basically are you doing something new taht your body/arm is not used to. think about it then you might have your answer.

    BODY IS GETTNG USED TO IT!!!! or just simply unfit or not enough rest/strectching.

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