How do you relieve tennis elbow pain?

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  1. HAPPY GREY BOX, 03 February, 2010

    Stop playing tennis.
    Then get ART therapy.
    (Active Release Therapy)
    It works like magic.

  2. monte carlo, 03 February, 2010

    Stop those movements of your arm that increases the pain. Give rest to your arm for some days. Donot pick up even light weight things with that hand. Apply some muscle relaxant and wear elbow band. In some days you will feel better. gud luck.

  3. Ronna S, 03 February, 2010

    Rest, rest, rest, ibuprofen, and then more rest.
    You have to reduce the inflammation (with the ibuprofen) and rest the tissues long enough to heal (2-3 weeks at least).
    That’s the only way.
    To do otherwise means recurring symptoms, and possible permanent damage of the tissues.

  4. ida, 03 February, 2010

    after the rest you need to apply hot packs for 15 to 20 mins or use the transcutaneous nerve stimulator (TENS) to alleviate the pain..and continue to exercise the joint also but do not stress them

  5. piefkeholz, 03 February, 2010

    It often comes from over exertion of that particular arm. It is a case of the tendons in the arm becoming inflamed due to the over exertion.Tendons being what they are have very limited blood supply therefor take a long time to heal. Sometimes alternating hot and cold packs will help alleviate the inflammation. Doc’s will often prescribe anti inflammatory drugs (blood thinners) or Ibuprofen. There have been some good results with acupuncture as well.These remedies help to ease the pain of it and speed recovery however depending on the severity of it time is the best healer. Give the arm rest from what ever it was you did to get the tendinitis.

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