Do I Have Tennis Elbow?

I workout a lot, but for the past 5 months i havent been consistent, but definitely about 3 times a week, i do pullups, and other things, i go to taekwondo where we workout vigrously and it invloves the arms a lot. But about 2 and a half months a go i was doing pullups…

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Tenis elbow? Help please!!!?

I just started my varsity year of baseball and my arm is starting to hurt bad. Right where my elbow is but on top and I found out it might be tenis elbow from throwing too much. Does anyone know a sleeve that can help prevent the pain? Please let me know!!

i have a sore elbow…?

I have a sore elbow that appeared out of nowhere. Woke up with it one morning and it’s really bothering me. My left elbow is the one that’s sore, and I happen to have a mild case of cerebral palsy on my left side. Naturally because of my CP, I can’t use my left arm…

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