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When to take off tennis elbow brace?

Is it recommended that i take off my tennis elbow brace while sleeping or should i wear it all the time? Because it… 3

why does my elbow hurt when i try to extend it it feels like its going to snap or break?

im only 12 so i dont know what to do and it start after i woke up form my nap and all of… 2

Get fit or in shape, but mostly feel better?

Although I’m only 5’3” (on the short side), my weight is pretty much in check – I checked out my BMI and I’m… 3

Back home and feeling sore and ill.?

i went on a fishing trip for 3 weeks, it was fine, nothing strenuous, but now that i got home, i have very… 1

I've had this joint discomfort for years, what is it?

I’m 15, and since I was about 10 I’ve been getting 24/7 discomfort in my joints. First it was only my wrists, but… 1

weird feeling in arm after going to chiropractor?

Weird feeling in arm after going to chiropractor? Went to chiropractor for back adjustment and ended up telling him about tennis elbow I… 1

Been Lifting Weights For Almost a Year, Now I’m Having Pains?

First off, i started lifting weights when i was 15 1/2 i got started lifting august of 2009, lifted for about 6-7 months… 1

How long does a sprained elbow and sprained wrist take to heal?

I fell on october 18th and i sprained my right elbow and wrist. I was wondering how long it will take for both… 1

how did this happen to my arm?

Went to the chiropractor for a tennis elbow adjustment and came out with bicep tendinitis in my shoulder WTF? He put my arm… 2

I have stiff and sore joints what could be wrong?

For the past 2 years, with it getting worse the last 6 months, I have pretty bad pain when walking, with stiffness and… 1

why does my elbow hurt after i throw a football?

I’m going into ninth grade this year and I’m playing football. in 7th and 8th grade i had to play wide receiver even… 4


I popped my elbow a week ago, had a splint and got a MRI yesterday. Results wont be ready till tomorrow. It did… 2

Why does my elbow hurt when throwing a baseball?

Baseball season has just started at my school, and I started off fine with no problems, but now every time that I try… 4

How to treat a tennis elbow?

How to treat Tennis elbow?

Over a week ago, I hurt my elbow lifting weights and was diagnosed the next day with Tennis Elbow. Doctor only gave me… 2

Why does my elbow joint hurt after I lift weights?

i lift wieghts the next day my elbow joints hurt my biceps dont hurt at all just my elbows why does thiss happen?

I’m at my wits end. Help me ?

I have been having wrist pain for years now and im only 19 y/o. My doc diagnosed me with a torn ligament in… 3

Why does elbow hurt after pitching?

Whenever i start to warm up after like a few throws i feel that my elbow kinda hurts. and then when i finish… 4


I work as a stocker in a pet food place, lift 40-50 pound bags of food, and have done triceps, biceps,chest and shoulder… 1

Can my tennis elbow still heal while still going through the exercises on a daily basis?

I actually have developed tennis elbow through baseball. We play and practice everyday, and the pain is on the inside part of my… 1

How do you build biceps/shoulders with tennis elbow?

I’ve had tennis elbow for some time now from military training. I’m out of the service now, and have rested my bicep for… 3

What causes an elbow to hurt everytime someone tries to straighten their arm?

3/4 of the time my elbow hurts when i try to make it into a straight arm. what would cause this and how… 1

What are possible injuries to the Ulnar Collateral Ligament of elbow joint?

Although I appreciate any ones helpfulness greatly, & I realize you are just being genuine, I have gotten many answers when I had… 1

Easiest way to shrink clothes QUICKLY?

Okay I have a bunch of uniform shirts and they go down to my knees, and the sleeves are at my elbows. I… 15

How to tell if your elbow is broken?

I hit my elbow really hard off a wall by accident, and after i did it i almost fainted. It hurts really bad… 5

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