Tennis Elbow?

The muscle near my elbow, a little farther down, has been hurting recently. I think it might be because my racket grip is a bit too small or because my backhand timing is bad, or both. Do you think i have tennis elbow? If so, how do i cure it? Can i still play tennis?…

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tennis elbow?

I recently got tennis elbow because I played tennis without an anti-shock. I began treating it by icing but this ended up causing me more pain even thought I did it for less than 15 minutes. What should I do to cure it and should i stop icing it? Any help would be great, thanks.

Damaged Arm?

my sister recently did something to her arm while in a tennis tournament, my sister has been to 3 different doctors #1 said – a fractured shoulder #2 said – an inflamed elbow #3 said – 3 inflamed nerves one in her wrist, another in her elbow, another in her shoulder as well as carpel…

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